mturoute是一个检测你与目标网站的mtu值的windows软件,通过不断尝试发送不同大小的icmp ping包来确定mtu大小,由于使用了non-fragment标识,所以当发送icmp包太大,包不会被重封装,而是直接丢弃,不返回任何信息;这样下次就会选择个小点的icmp包来发送,直至收到回复信息~


mturoute [选项] 目标地址


  -t : Toggles 'traceroute' mode.  (Default is off)
   -f : Allow fragmentation.  This will return the max ping size that the
        target host will respond to, but not necessarily the MTU.
   -w : Set the number of milliseconds to wait for a response (default 3000).
   -r : Set the maximum number of probe retries on timeout (default = 3).
   -i : Set the interval between two echo requests.
   -d : Increases the debugging level. Reports ICMP status/failures.
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   -v : Print version info and exit.
   -z : Fill ICMP packets with random data.
   -p : Fill ICMP packets with a specified pattern.
   -s : Skip speed optimizations.
   -x : Redact IP addresses in output.
-h,-? : Print usage information and exit.